The owner stopped the car and ordered the dog to get out: the dog looked in the wake of the departing car

The little terrier sat in the front seat of Sergius’ car and wagged her tail merrily. She loved to ride with her owner, but this time something was wrong, and the dog sensed it. At one point Sergius stopped the car in the village and made a gesture for the dog to get out of the car.

The dog looked at him with her pleading eyes, not understanding why they had stopped. The dog’s tail dropped as she got out of the car and watched Sergius drive away, leaving her alone on the side of the road. She stood there, lost and heartbroken, watching the only home she knew disappear into the distance.

The dog wandered along the road for hours, dodging cars and passing sticks or rocks. Her paws ached and her heart was heavy, but she did not give up. She was determined to find her way home.

Suddenly the car stopped and a young couple got out. The woman approached the dog with tears in her eyes. The dog saw the kindness and compassion in her eyes and knew everything would be okay now.

«Look at her, so lost and alone,» the woman said, her voice choked with emotion.

«We’ll take care of you, won’t we?»

Her husband nodded, and the couple took the dog in their arms, cradling her like a long-lost treasure. The dog was full of gratitude.

The man and woman gave the dog a warm bath and a cozy bed to sleep in, and the dog felt she was finally home. She was showered with love and attention, and she was overjoyed to finally have a loving family.

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