The owner was touched when she found out where her cat went leaving her kittens

Our heroine’s name is Pusha, and she lives with a woman. One day she came home after another walk with babies in her tummy. Kittens came into the world without complications, and her mother began to take care of and feed them. And everything would have been fine, but the cat’s owner began to notice that the kittens were left without their mother for a long time during the day. Pusha would feed them and run out into the street. And it lasted more than one day.

Eventually the owner couldn’t take it anymore and decided to follow the cat. She wanted to know where Pusha regularly ran away from home. Finally finding out what the reason for the cat’s disappearance was, the owner was amazed. It turned out that every day after Pusha had fed her babies, she went into the woods behind the houses. There the cat fed her milk to her three newborn squirrels.

It is unknown what happened to the mother of the squirrels and how Pusha found them. But the maternal instinct did not allow the cat to abandon them. Pusha’s owner took the squirrels home and put them in a box with the kittens, so the cat wouldn’t run into the woods and abandon her babies again. The squirrels are growing up healthy and strong. You can watch a video about the mother-heroine.

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