The owners left the dog in a carrier in the field without food and water, but a kind family found him

Charlie had a difficult childhood. His former owners did not just kick him out of the house, they locked the puppy in a carrier and left it on the side of the road, not even taking care that the baby had water and food. But he was lucky. He was found by people who decided to help the poor animal.

Father and son decided to go for a ride. Their path lay along one of the rural roads of Arkansas, on the side of which they saw a carrier.

The day was quite cloudy and cool, and the rural road was deserted. Therefore, the father and son were very surprised when they saw an object resembling a box on the side of the road. Stopping and coming closer to the unusual object, the man and his son realized that it was a very old carrier, inside which there was a dog.

The animal was closed. It had obviously not eaten for a long time and could hardly move. The puppy was shaking from the cold. He was very ill. After all, in a confined space, he damaged the skin and an infection has already developed in the places of wounds. It was obvious that the dog had not spent a single day in the carrier. And the fact that she was able to survive without food and water all this time can be considered a real miracle.

The puppy was very scared,. Noticing the approach of people, she huddled in the farthest corner of the carrier. To lure the dog out of her cage, the men offered her water and food.

The dog had to be taken to the vet. But the old carrier would not stand the road, especially since men rode motorcycles that are not adapted for transporting animals in any way.

The men went home, changed their two-wheeled transport to a car and returned back. The dog was lying in the carrier again almost motionless.Approaching the dog, the men heard a faint whining.

Father and son took the animal with them. At home, the animal was fed and washed, and in the morning it was shown to the veterinarian. The doctor prescribed medications for the dog, and also said that the animal needed the help of a psychologist.

Father and son took the dog to their overexposure. But soon they fell in love so much that they decided to leave her in their family forever. The dog has fully recovered and now every day expresses her gratitude and love to the people who saved her.

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