The owners left the dog tied to a bus stop. But he managed to find a beloved owner and a new home

People have different attitudes toward animals. For some, they are just another toy that can be thrown away when they get bored. And for others, a faithful friend who needs help and care.

A dog named Rani became a good friend for Valentina. More than a year ago, she found him tied up at a bus stop. The woman could not pass by and decided to help and take the dog to her.

The former owners didn’t just leave the dog in the middle of the street. They put a bag with his toys next to him, as well as a note where they wrote the age and name of the animal. If the note is to be believed, they abandoned their pet because they moved to live in another country.

The dog had been waiting for help for a long time, tied to a bus stop, and was very hungry. Valentina gave the dog her sandwich, which he swallowed right away.

The dog was very friendly. But most of all, the girl was won over by the fact that the dog looked like Hachiko. It was exactly the kind of pet the girl had wanted for a long time.

Rani immediately accepted the new owner and obediently followed her. With his build and short red hair, Rani something resembled a fox.

The rain made Rani wet and cold. He had experienced betrayal from his former owners. And Valentina became his new family and there was an immediate understanding between them.

Not only was Rani like Hachiko, but in many ways he behaved the same way. He always patiently waited for her from work and followed her on her heels at home. The dog became a true friend and brave guardian.

Valentina is also very fond of the dog and does everything she can to keep Rani happy.

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