The parrot thought he was home alone and arranged a CONCERT

Parrots are very interesting creatures, they have a quality that no other animal or bird has. Parrots can be trained in human speech, and they will even be able to maintain a dialogue with short phrases. This parrot has surpassed its relatives. It’s amazing what he can do!

It was like this. The owner of the parrot may have long suspected that his pet has hidden talents, but does not want to show them. Therefore, the man hid in the house and began secretly filming what the parrot would do.

Попугай подумал что его никто не видит и устроил дома концерт (видео)

The bird got bored and decided to have fun not with anything, but .. .singing! Yes, even what! The parrot sang the song «Chandelier» no worse than the performer himself. It is impossible to believe that it was actually a parrot singing, if not for the video confirming this fact. And he sang not a couple of phrases, but almost the whole song.

Попугай думал, что он дома один и устроил КОНЦЕРТ! Хозяин обалдел, когда это увидел

Just fantastic!

We can safely say that the owner was very lucky with the bird. Maybe very soon he will become bolder and will sing not only when he is alone, but also in front of the inhabitants of the house and their guests.

Did you like the parrot singing? If so, be sure to tell your friends about the unique parrot, this video will definitely cheer them up.

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