The photo of the dog was scattered on the Web and one day later her life changed dramatically

In one of the cities of the American state of New Mexico, a dog lived for a long time. According to far from the most humane rules common in shelters, animals that do not find new owners are euthanized.

Volunteers of animal rescue organizations are aware of this terrible rule. Therefore, they go to one trick. They take pictures of unhappy dogs and cats, and then post these pictures on social networks. In the posts they write that the animals are doomed. If someone doesn’t come for them today, then tomorrow they will be dead.

So they did this time. In the photo, there is an unhappy dog behind bars. He is scared, his eyes are full of sadness and tears. After all, no one wants to die. The picture quickly went online. Many kind people responded. The volunteers received hundreds of calls and letters. Everyone wanted to take the unfortunate dog for themselves.

On the day when the dog was going to be put to sleep, the new owners came for the poor dog and took him to their place. Once outside, the dog rejoiced like a little puppy. She hugged and licked her rescuers. Now the dog is not in danger of death. The animal has found its home, a new loving family. The dog is now full. There is no sadness in his eyes anymore. The animal enjoys every day spent with its owners.

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