The pit bull got off his leash and dove into the bushes, and a moment later the baby screamed

Of all the dog breeds, there are those that face prejudice and wasted labels more often than others. These are pit bulls. We have already seen more than once that they are not killer dogs, but real little angels. Our today’s story is about one of these remarkable dogs.

Meet Hurley:

Hurley is a very kind and adorable dog. His owner is so confident in him that he often lets him run around without a leash during walks.


During one of those walks, while Hurley was running around the park without a leash, a little boy screamed. Turning around, Shelby didn’t see his dog near him. He immediately rushed to the scream.

When the man ran there, he saw the crying boy, his pit bull, and a very dangerous poisonous snake, a copperhead pit viper, near him. The snake wanted to attack the child, and when the child screamed, Hurley rushed to the rescue. He pulled the snake away from the child and strangled it. In doing so, the dog saved the unfamiliar boy’s life.

During the fight with the snake, the dog was bitten. When Animal Control arrived on the scene, his neck was already badly swollen and his lip showed bite marks. Foam began to come out of his mouth…

But luckily, Hurley was quickly taken to the hospital, where they saved this brave dog’s life.

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