The pit bull rescued from the dog ring received the first treat

Dog fighting is a truly inhuman «sport».Unfortunately it still exists today. Although it has been illegal in the United States for decades, but still, sometimes it still happens.

Fortunately, there are many rescue organizations that are engaged in stopping dog fighting and saving these poor dogs from these rings.
The terrible thing is that these poor little dogs have a life filled with violence, pain and fear.

In addition to emotional trauma, these poor dogs also suffer physical injuries. They don’t know what it’s like to receive love and affection from a person.

Meet Pit Bull Finn, also known as Mighty Finn.

Finn was rescued from dog hunters in 2016.
He was beaten and got a lot of injuries. At that time, he must have been very afraid of people. He didn’t know what it meant to be loved and have a home. But its new owners were not going to give it up.
A video posted on Finn’s Facebook page captures a delightful moment on Finn’s reaction when he is given pizza for the first time.

Pizza is a delicious treat for any dog. But imagine what a reaction to the first slice of pizza must be for someone who has been abused most of his life!
The video, aptly titled «Pizza Crust Zoomies,» shows an excited Finn getting his very first slice of pizza.

As soon as he takes it in his mouth, he starts running around the room with glee, devouring cheese and pizza.
The little guy enjoys his delicious treat so much that he just can’t sit still!
Finn happily zigzags around the room, and his master laughs and says: «You’ll suffocate!»

Then he returns to his owner and looks at her with wide-open puppy eyes, as if saying, «I want more, please!»

Our hearts are warmed when we see how a rescued dog gets the love and care they deserve. Hopefully Matti Finn can now put his traumatic past behind him and focus on the most important things (like pizza).

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