The pit bull surprised his owner by giving up his kennel to a stray cat. The cat trusted the dog so much that she gave birth to kittens there

It so happens that many people perceive pit bulls as dogs who are only allowed to fight! However, pit bulls themselves, apparently, are not aware that they are a bloodthirsty breed, because at heart they are just as good-natured as other pets. The Mexican Juan Flores also told about the fact that this breed is a real sweetheart. The man’s dog turned out to be a real gentleman and gave up his kennel to an expectant mother cat.

According to Juan Flores, a stray cat often appeared near his home in Tijuana, Mexico, but would not let him touch it. The man would leave her food to make sure she didn’t starve.

Juan’s dog with the formidable name of Hades also decided to take care of the stray cat. One day the man was attracted by a noise at the back door, where Hades was scrambling. The dog was obviously agitated about something and wanted to show Juan something.

The man went after the dog and found that he had vacated his lodging for a new tenant.

The stray cat that Juan had been feeding was sitting in the house.

It turned out that she was going to give birth and had chosen a very comfortable place to do so.

The dog clearly didn’t mind having the cat’s maternity ward open in his kennel. He brought his blanket to it and lay down next to it, not trying to kick the mother-to-be out of her safe place.

The cat, named Nicole, and her two kittens were not left to live in the kennel, but were moved into the house.

Nicole and Hades have become friends, and when she’s not taking care of her kittens, she’s spending time with her new companion. There is no danger of the two of them splitting up. Juan will find a new home for the kittens as soon as they grow up, but Nicole and Haydes will stay with him. It would be sacrilege to separate them, especially after what the dog has done for the cat.

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