The policeman came to save the child. He did not yet know how his life would change in a week’s time

The action takes place in Greenville, Georgia. Lt. Kenneth Knox accepted the challenge and had no idea it would change his life, as well as the life of a two-month-old girl. At least, he had no idea his life would change in a week.

For Knox, it was a normal day when he got the call about the girl. He knew he had to come as soon as possible because it was an emergency situation that required immediate intervention.

Knox drove up to the baby’s house and jumped out of his car to check on her. A crowd surrounded the front door of the house as he drove up the driveway. There, he saw the girl’s father pleading for people to save her.

Ma’Yavi Parham’s parents told him she had started choking an hour after eating. When Knox saw the girl, her skin had turned blue and she was having trouble breathing.

Ma’Yavi’s mother, Kristen Parham, said she was sitting with her daughter when the unexpected happened. Suddenly, the girl had difficulty breathing and she had no idea what had happened.

The parents told Knox that they had tried CPR, but it had not worked. Panicked, the officer had no idea what to do. He prayed for the girl’s life.

In his 25-year career, Knox had never felt so confused. He thought hard about how to save the girl as he laid her down on the couch. It was then that he heard a voice inside him.

“It was from God,” Knox said.

Realizing he needed to remove the piece of cereal stuck in his throat, the officer came up with a completely original and extraordinary idea.

“I did reverse CPR,” he recalls.

Instead of blowing air into the baby’s mouth, Knox used suction, hoping it would help remove the piece of cereal stuck in his throat. It took several tries before he felt the piece of food in his mouth.

Moments after Knox removed the piece of cereal, Ma’Yavi’s skin regained its healthy color and she smiled at the police officer. The touching moment will forever be etched in his mind.

Knox said saving Ma’Yavi’s life was the highlight of his career. He admitted that the incident changed his life and taught him a lesson in humility. He shared a photo on Facebook, where he is seen holding the little girl in his arms.

The photo of the muscular white officer holding an African-American baby sent a positive message. It showed that Knox cared and helped everyone equally in the neighborhood.

Knox’s story went viral on social media, but the most surprising thing was when he got a call from Kristen. She asked him if he would like to be her daughter’s godfather.

Knox was honored to receive such a touching opportunity. He immediately accepted Kristen’s offer and became the godfather of little Ma’Yavi.

The grateful mother confessed that she felt Knox was the right person to be her daughter’s godfather. She revealed that the little girl smiled every time she looked at the policeman who had saved her life.

After the incident, Kristen often sends photos and videos of her daughter to Knox. She is happy to know that she will see her grow up and possibly give her beautiful grandchildren.

We wish the girl well and hope Knox’s story inspires others. His bravery, his skills and his brilliant idea helped him save Ma’Yavi, and as a reward he was given the opportunity to become her godfather.

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