The pregnant kitty was no longer needed by the owners, and the dog did not even let her into the barn

This story happened in the city of Smolensk. I met her on my birthday. There is a ravine in our city. The Devil’s Bridge is located on it. Recently there appeared a well-fed cat of red color.

She sat by the roadside in any weather. The cat was soaked to the skin, her eyes were streaming. Sometimes the kitty was fed. Also, there was a trash can nearby. Basically, the poor cat got food there. The cat had a big belly. She was waiting for the babies, who were soon to be born. My friend saw her. It was she who told me about the cat.

She couldn’t take it away. She went to the cat and fed it. It was impossible to leave her. Stray dogs were running around nearby, which could show aggression towards the kitty.

People said that the owner of the cat died. The daughter sold the house to people who had a dog. He treated the new guest unkindly. At first, the kitty lived in a barn, but soon she was kicked out of there.

On my birthday, a friend called me and said she didn’t know where to put the cat. She couldn’t take the cat home. I had to go after her. This red cat was my gift.

The first thing I did was take her to the doctor. They did an ultrasound. The doctor said that the birth is in about 1.5 weeks.

I named my gift Manya. The veterinarian recommended good nutrition and an abundance of vitamins in the diet to the expectant mother. Drops were prescribed for the eyes. Antibiotics cannot be prescribed yet

Together with Manya, I now have a hundred cats and two dogs. I really don’t have enough money for food and medicine, but I have to look for a way out. I couldn’t leave the kitty in such a situation. Her eyes just wouldn’t let me rest.

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