The puppy lived in a shoe until he was sheltered by a volunteer – now the baby is unrecognizable

The life of homeless animals is hard. On average, it lasts no more than 3-5 years. It’s all the fault of illness, poor nutrition and accidents. Due to uncontrolled reproduction and human irresponsibility, the ranks of «stray animals» are regularly replenished. Fortunately, more and more people are taking part in their fate. So, a volunteer from Serbia, Goran Marinkovic, became a kind angel for an abandoned puppy.

A man regularly feeds a group of homeless animals living near a garbage dump.

In March last year, as usual, he arrived with provisions for his wards and accidentally saw a pathetic lump in the distance. Goran came closer and saw a tiny puppy. The puppy looked very bad, skinny, with sore eyes. He didn’t even run away, but lay next to a discarded sneaker, in which, apparently, he was hiding from the weather. Goran gave him some food and the baby greedily swallowed it.

There were no other puppies nearby, no nursing mother. And he realized that he could not leave the crumbs to certain death. The man took the puppy with him. He named the dog Smesten and left him to live in his house. The baby received the necessary treatment and plenty of food and care.

Six months later, he turned into a cheerful and inquisitive young dog.

Smesten has perfectly settled into Goran’s house and participates in the collective tricks of numerous volunteer pets.

In an energetic and friendly doggie, you will not recognize the starving one that he was before meeting his beloved owner.

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