The rescued hummingbird made friends with the dog that saved him.

Meet this is Rex. Once he lived on the streets like a stray puppy. He was saved and accepted into a loving home.

Rex was an aggressive stray dog. He was often seen fighting with other dogs and cats on the streets.He’s a completely different dog now. He is kind and gentle.

Спасенный колибри влюбился в спасшую его собаку

One day Rex and his owner were walking. Suddenly Rex noticed a dying hummingbird on the ground, covered with ants.
Gerkon, who thought the bird was dead, was about to leave. But Rex refused to budge until he helped the poor bird.

Спасенный колибри влюбился в спасшую его собаку

It was then that Vernon realized that the bird, now called Hammer, was still clinging to life. But his health was very bad.

So, Gernon brought the hummingbird home, hoping to cure him. And now Hammer seemed to be gaining strength.

Спасенный колибри влюбился в спасшую его собаку

Of course, thanks to the constant care of Gernon and Rex, the Hummer was able to fly again in a few weeks.
During these weeks Hammer began to trust Rex very much. They even play together, as if Hammer remembers Rex’s role in saving him.

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