The school janitor took the children to her room for an unknown purpose, but finding out the reason makes you want to hug her

Caroline Collins, a plighted woman who works in a school as a janitor, has become a national heroine by showing extraordinary kindness and concern for underprivileged children. The fact is that the school where she works has many children who simply do not have homes. She was able to get through to their unapproachable and unhappy hearts with her compassion, and they admitted that they had been eating very little for a long time. That’s when Caroline realized it was time to act!

A janitor at a high school in Georgia was always extremely responsible to her job and had a warm relationship with employees and students.

With her help, the whole school was always shining with cleanliness and order.

One day she found out that some of the children in the school had no home, and for many days they had been eating extremely little

When she arrived at school one day earlier than usual, she noticed children who were also at school much earlier. She decided to find out the reason for this early appearance, but the children did not want to talk to her, apparently ashamed of something. Eventually Caroline found out that they just didn’t have a home. And the children were obviously malnourished. There were more students like that in the school than the two who had been there that morning.

And it’s not even about the school or the district. Statistically, 23% of homeless people in this state are under 18. Such conditions, of course, affect children’s physical and psychological well-being.

Caroline, who lost her son in a home invasion robbery years ago, could not stay away when she heard about it. She decided to try to help in any way she could.

“I’m just trying to stop young people from getting on the slippery slope of stealing and killing,” the woman said.

Caroline thought she could have brought some useful things for these children directly to the school. But, of course, that wouldn’t be enough. She brought some things, other teachers brought some things, and she needed a place to keep it all.

So the “closet of care” was created, an ordinary school closet where Caroline and the other teachers brought things for the students: clothes, shoes, canned goods, and personal hygiene products.

Most of these useful items were bought by the woman with her own money. But that didn’t bother her.

Caroline continued this kind of modest but very useful activity for four years, which no one outside the school knew about.

Every year she helped about 20 students. But she knew that she didn’t know about many of those in need.

“I asked the teachers to pay attention to the children who walked around with their heads down and in the same clothes for a long time and tell me about them.”

Many children were very appreciative of the woman and, of course, her little clandestine good works factory couldn’t help but get publicity.

Carolina was found out! Even made a video about her and her deeds, which was published on Facebook and became incredibly popular.

People could not believe the desire to help children gratuitously that Caroline had shown. She had gone far and wide beyond her duties and was sure to be rewarded for her deeds!

A local businesswoman, after seeing a clip of Caroline’s deeds, decided to give her a Christmas gift. She brought her some money and items for her “closet of care” worth $1,300.

Several students at Tucker High School were interviewed by Harvey’s team, and they couldn’t stop talking about her kindness. Caroline was filmed for the news when she went shopping for $5,000 for a “closet of care” sponsored by Sam’s Club.

Caroline was invited to the Steve Harvey Show, where she was given another gift.

Namely, $15,000, which she could finally spend on herself. Caroline was terribly touched, but most of all she was thrilled that she had paid attention to the children’s problems and could continue to help them.

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