The soldier was hoping to reunite with the puppy she saved, but she didn’t have enough time

Army Reserve Sergeant Tracey McKithern was sent to Iraq, where she met a hungry puppy who came to her. Tracy took the puppy and named her Erby. Over the next few months , Erby became a source of comfort and happiness for Tracy during difficult times .

The couple has become inseparable!

When Tracy’s deployment ended, she promised Erby that she would bring her home. Tracy reached out to “Puppy Rescue Mission” and they organized a fundraiser to pay for Erby’s flight to the United States. Many strangers donated to help Tracy reunite with Erby. But just as Erby was on her way to her new home, Tracy was called for another deployment.


In this video, we see Tracy returning from her recent deployment and waiting to reunite with Erby. Seven months have passed since she last saw Erby, and Tracy knows that the puppy would have grown bigger. She just hopes that the little sweetie would recognize her and love her again.

When Tracy anxiously leaves the airport,Erby notices her, spontaneously jumps to her and showers her with hugs and kisses! Tracy is over the moon with happiness after seeing the emotional reaction of the tail wagging puppy. And she responds to the dog’s reaction with a strong hug.

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