The squirrel rushed to the woman and started pulling her by the pant leg. It had something very important to show

How good that she didn’t pass by!

One day, Tia Powell was walking through the park located near her home in Virginia. Suddenly, she noticed a movement out of the corner of her eye. And the next moment a gray squirrel appeared in front of her. She was standing by the path, and then she rushed straight to Tia!

The woman did not expect such courage from a small rodent. Moreover, squirrels do not have a special desire to contact people. Tia was even more surprised when the squirrel began to grab her by the pant leg with its paws!

«I was in shock and just didn’t know what to say!» the woman admitted later.

At one point, Tia tried to ignore her. But the squirrel looked worried. And the woman realized that she needed something.

It’s great that Tia didn’t pass by!

A moment later it turned out that there was another little squirrel near the squirrel. She began to move, and the woman noticed that the baby was limping!

Then the confused Tia took the baby in her arms and moved her to a safer place. But Mom and baby didn’t leave. Soon the woman realized why. A black cat peeked out from behind the stones, which clearly liked the lame squirrel. He was probably thinking about how best to adapt himself to catch her.

Realizing what was happening, Tia chased the cat away, allowing the squirrels to breathe calmly. But leaving a furry family like this was dangerous. Therefore, the woman contacted specialists who deal with wildlife.

They decided that it was best to move the squirrel and the baby to another part of the park, where there are many more trees. There they will be able to hide and feel safe. People did just that. They transplanted squirrels and were very happy that they helped the little creatures.

After a while, Tia and her children went for a walk in the park, where the squirrels were located. On the tree they noticed two animals sitting side by side. One was bigger and the other was smaller. They sat on the branches and looked at Tia. The woman admits that she couldn’t stifle a smile. She was sure that these were the squirrels that she had managed to save.

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