The tiniest horse in the world considers himself a bulldog

The story of a horse named Peabody is both sad and happy. From the point of view of nature, the horse should not have been born at all. But people decided otherwise. And now he is considered the smallest horse in the world.

Peabody is no different in beauty. Intelligence, too. The horse is just very small.

In reality, Peabody is not a horse at all, but an unviable freak, doomed to a quick death. Because of his low stature, he simply could not reach the udder of the mother mare and could not feed. And he also has crooked legs, crooked jaw, gastrointestinal problems. A creature that will not survive without human help, but help came in time.

Peabody’s height is slightly more than 40 cm . He’s the size of Penelope the bulldog.

Peabody took a fancy to animal lover Vera Faith, who took him literally before euthanasia, and took him to the other side of the country. She nursed the baby, built him orthopedic shoes so that he could run. The jaw grows and aligns, so soon he will stop sticking out his tongue. But veterinarians are sure that he will never really grow up.

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