The wedding ring was found on the mullet

On the eve of the second wedding anniversary, Nathan Reeves went with his wife Suzie Quintal to Norfolk Island, in the far north of Australia. But bathing before Christmas was not the most successful — Nathan lost his wedding ring. Suzie warned her husband more than once that he would take off the jewelry before bathing, but this time the ring still slipped off his finger. Local fishermen tried to help with the search for the ring, but they were unsuccessful.

Обручальное кольцо нашлось - на кефали

And now the ring has been found! It was discovered by Norfolk divers Susan Prior. The woman saw a mullet, which carries 550 pounds sterling in the form of a gold ring. According to the diver, the fish does not look too good. It can be seen that the ring makes it uncomfortable. Moreover, the mullet will grow and the ring will dig into the fish more strongly.

Обручальное кольцо нашлось - на кефали

The only way to save the mullet and return the ring to its owners is to catch a fish and remove the jewelry from it. The diver managed to take some beautiful pictures and find jewelry owners in social networks. Now fishermen and locals on boats with a transparent bottom go in search of fish.

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