The wolf came to ask for food, and the forester took pity on her: two months later three wolves came to the village.

One winter evening, the forester Stepan heard a noise under the fence and, coming out on the threshold of the hut, saw an emaciated wolf.

He thought for a while, but still brought her frozen meat, because in winter the forest was unusually empty and it became very difficult for animals to find food.

The beast’s behavior was unusual. Predators live on their territory. But they rarely come out to people, except because of severe hunger.

The wolf began to come for food more often, and the locals even began to scold the forester. No one wanted to see a forest beast in the village.

But Stepan ignored them and continued to feed the animal. He understood that if a wolf is hungry in winter, it becomes more dangerous for the village.

After a while, the wolf’s visits stopped. Everyone was happy, except Stepan. He was already used to seeing a guest and even a little bored.

Only two months later, the forester heard a familiar howl outside the window. The man rushed into the yard and suddenly saw that the wolf had brought two other younger members of the pack with him. The animals looked at Stepan in silence.

Suddenly the forester realized that the wolf probably fed the young cubs with the meat that he had given her all winter.

And now the whole pack was moving to another place to live. And the wolf came to say goodbye to Stepan. No wolves have been seen in the area since.

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