The wolf was trapped. There he was found by a hunter who came up with a risky plan for liberation.

This is not the first year that John Owens has been doing what he loves: hunting and fishing. But, despite these hobbies, a person says that he loves animals.

Indeed, John does not allow himself to break the laws and hunt endangered animals, so the man despises all poachers.

Not so long ago , he went into the woods to hunt coyotes . These animals multiplied too much and began to harm the environment.

To carry out his plan, John set traps in several places. But when the hunter saw the victim of his trap, he was surprised at first and went catatonic

The huge wolf was waiting to meet the hunter with composure, unlike the hunter himself.

But John definitely didn’t want this powerful animal to fall into his trap, so he decided to free the beast. But how?

For his own safety, John has developed an absolutely incredible plan.

Let’s take a look:


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