The woman can’t decide which dog to take into the house, so she buys the whole shelter.

As co-founder of DogTales Rescue and Sanctuary, an animal rescue center in Ontario, Daniel Eden is no stranger to animal adoption. She has visited countless animal shelters around the world and rescued many dogs from these shelters, especially those who need help the most.

However, when she visited a dog shelter in Israel, she was shocked. It was the worst shelter she had ever seen. More than 250 dogs lived in a rat-infested room designed for only 70 dogs. And the poor animals had to fight for the remaining food they were given.

«This is the worst shelter she’s ever seen,» said Claire Forndran, media director at Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary.

«The dogs were literally fighting over a loaf of bread,» Forndran says. «There were more rats than dogs.»

All the animals needed help so much that she didn’t know who to save. So she chose them all. She bought the whole shelter and was determined to find them a home forever.

Since then, DogTales has taken responsibility for 250 dogs. In two months, they managed to transport 90 dogs to shelters in Israel, where they will be properly cared for and they will have a much better chance of being adopted. 25 others were taken to Ontario.

The remaining 150 dogs are still in the shelter. But, fortunately, there have been some changes in the shelter. The team in Israel set a task to make the shelter more livable and comfortable for dogs.

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