The woman found a barely alive kitten and took care of it. After a while he thanked the owner

Grandma found a kitten on the street. The woman took pity on the animal and took it to her. The cat became the best friend for a lonely grandmother. A real handsome cat has grown out of a small, thin kitten.

The cat became big, because the woman fed him perfectly: homemade milk and cottage cheese, real sour cream and good meat. For a single woman, a pet has become a substitute for grandchildren.

The cat also doted on the owner. He followed her around all the time.

Three men decided to break into the woman’s house. Having found out that the woman recently received a pension and lives all alone, three unemployed people decided that the old lady would become an easy profit. When the men broke into the house, the cat was lying not far from the door on a shelf for hats.

A cat inflicted such wounds on one robber that he died on the spot. In the jump, the animal simply chewed through his carotid artery. The second man managed to run into the corridor. But the cat caught up with him and as a result, the robber died already in the hospital. The third attacker had enough time and intelligence to escape.

The police who arrived at the scene of the incident were shocked. It turned out that Grandma’s favorite cat is a wild manul. Usually these predators do not come close to human habitation and are generally considered untamed.

The story seems incredible, but everything falls into place once you learn a little more about the manuls. These cats are natural predators and are able to hunt animals several times larger than themselves.

Adult manulas can weigh about 5 kg . From the muzzle to the tip of the tail, their length is about a meter. These animals are distinguished by pronounced fangs and claws, which are three times larger than those of domestic cats.

Usually, manuls do not show aggression towards people. But if he needs to protect his home, he can easily attack a person.

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