The woman has the widest hips in the world, 2.5 meters, but she married for the second time and has four children

This woman’s name is Michele Ruffinelli, she lives in America and she is 39 years old. She has become very popular due to her lush forms. Her hips are 2.5 meters wide and she weighs 195 kilograms.

Despite the impressive weight of the woman, she is not at all embarrassed about it. She is sure that all men like girls with shapes, not skinny 90-60-90 models.

The only drawback, according to her, is some household inconveniences, such as non-standard size clothes, difficulties when driving a car and taking showers and baths.

By the way, our heroine already has four children from her second marriage. She lives quite happily with her lover, who often spoils her with flowers and compliments.

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