The woman thought that a bird was singing: and it was a crying lonely kitten

Animal rights activist Sarah Kelly from Greensboro, North Carolina, has long dedicated her life to helping animals and their owners.

She founded Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue, which not only rescues and shelters our younger brothers, but also helps in the search for missing pets. Recently, smoky Harvey joined the ranks of the lucky ones, a tiny kitten was lucky to be heard and get a second chance at life.

Sarah got a call and was asked to come for a newborn baby two months ago. A resident of the suburb heard an incomprehensible squeak in her garden and decided that she had to help a wounded bird. But, having wandered between the trees, she discovered the source of the sound – a hungry kitten with blind eyes.

At least that’s what he looked like when the woman picked him up. It’s amazing how such a piercing sound originated in such a tiny body. Indeed, when Sarah came for the «find», she was also surprised by his powerful lung. The kid, despite his fragility, could well claim the laurels of an opera soloist. That’s why they could hear him from home.

At the shelter, it became clear that the kitten, which it was decided to give the name Harvey, short for Harvest– was not blind at all. His eyes were inflamed due to an infection. But after a couple of days of careful care, not even a trace of the infection remained. The emaciated baby was kept in an incubator for the first time, maintaining a comfortable temperature.

He got used to the new place pretty quickly. In any case, he did not let the employees forget about themselves during feeding. Whenever employees entered the room with bottles for kittens, Harvey used the power of his lungs. A good appetite and the ability to insist on his own, and after a couple of weeks turned him into a pretty well-fed guy.

By the way, Harvey’s character is not inferior to his voice. The kitten is active and curious. According to animal rights activists, he is a very «talkative» and sociable cat.

When his peers express their joy at meeting Sarah with tenderness, rub their backs against her hands and ask for reciprocal affection, Harvest, seeing Mom, turns on the «siren». Neither Sarah nor her colleagues can ignore such a demanding and loud baby.

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