The woman took the saddest cat from the shelter. How the cat changed in just an hour

Internet users have recognized Benben as the saddest cat on the web. The cat lived in a shelter and was going to be put down soon.

The broken spine was the reason why the shelter could no longer fight for Benben, and the constant pain, deformed ear and deep wounds on the muzzle gave him an extremely sad look.


Veterinarians suggest that Benben received his injuries in a collision with a much larger beast.


BenBen seemed to have a premonition that his days were numbered. Therefore, he refused food and water, practically did not leave the cage in the shelter.


One of the employees of the local veterinary clinic found out about the sad cat. The woman decided to take the cat from the shelter.


As soon as Benben left the orphanage and found himself in his new home, he was transformed almost instantly.


The cat cheered up and became very affectionate. He was constantly purring, smiling and trying to climb into the arms of his new owners.


The cat seemed to realize that he was safe now. And it completely changed his mood, breathing new strength into him.


Because of the spinal injury, the veterinarians were sure that Benben would not be able to walk. But the love and care turned out to be so healing that the cat learned to walk again. And over time, he even began to run.


BenBen still needs daily painkillers. But now he has become happy and this also allows him to overcome pain and enjoy life on a daily basis.

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