The world’s only brown panda is currently living happily in its panda valley.

Pandas are incredibly adorable. It doesn’t change even when they grow up. These gigantic playful guys can always bring a smile and fun to the people who see them. Sometimes they can cause trouble, but we can’t get enough of their kindness.

Qizai (meaning «seventh son»), the cute panda in this story is a bit special. He is brown, currently the only brown panda in the world. His mother is black and white. The professors suggest that the brown-white color of Qizai arose due to a genetic mutation.

A cute panda was abandoned when he was two months old and was bullied by other pandas. It was found weak and neglected in a nature reserve in the Qinling Mountains in central China. Fortunately, he grew up healthy and happy.

Currently, Qizai is 9 years old and he is enjoying life in the Foping Panda Valley. He has a personal guardian who has to make sure that Qizai has a full stomach and stays healthy. The brown panda weighs more than 110 kilograms and eats about 20 kilograms of bamboo every day.

«He’s slower than other pandas, but he’s also cuter,» said caretaker Qizai, describing the bear as a «cute and funny animal.»

Qizai has never mated before. He had a date with an 18-year-old panda named Zhu Zhu. If all goes well, we will welcome the second brown panda in this world. It’s worth hoping, isn’t it?

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