Theatre of the Absurd: some inexplicable but wildly funny photos

There is nothing in this selection that can be explained. It seems that such absurd situations can only be rigged, but we are ready to convince you otherwise. Life is a wonderful thing, and there must be a place for the bizarre. The main thing is that they cause a smile, like these, rather than stumped.


Oops, looks like someone’s got a date on the beach tonight. It’s not a scene from Lady and the Tramp, it’s real life.


We don’t even know which is safer: if the child didn’t hold on at all — or if he held on, but like this?


Volcanologists (even non-professional ones) are always a bit strange. They are willing to do anything for the sake of a picture.


Comfortable shape, modern design, suitable for gamers — however, sometimes it bites painfully.


That’s one reason why it’s better never to take selfies in water. The second is the risk of drowning your smartphone.


The situation is absurd. Apparently, his wife asked him to wear her new boots.


You know, a takeaway martini is no worse than coffee. But the day will definitely start with the right note.


This fish is definitely smarter than its congeners — it knows where and how to fit in so as not to go hungry.


How many mistakes did it take in homework for parents to create these conditions for their children?


Julius Caesar would have been delighted with these men: only true geniuses can combine business this way.

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