These teenagers saved the poor dog’s life

Three teenagers were riding their bikes in Acadia County, Louisiana, when they saw a dog on the side of the road. They stopped immediately. The dog was lying in the grass when the boys saw it. They immediately got off their bikes in order to find out what was going on.

They soon realized that the dog was in bad shape and desperately needed medical attention. Realizing that the dog was too weak to move, the teens contacted Haseya Animal Rescue, who quickly arrived on the scene.

Despite the fact that the dog was too weak to move, she seemed to understand that the teens had come to help. The puppy looked at the boys with a spark of hope in his sad eyes.

Rescuers arrived on the scene and carefully put the dog in the car. They then brought it to the shelter, where they gave the dog medication to ease its pain.

Rescuers speculate that the dog was hit by the car and sustained injuries to its hip and leg. If the boys hadn’t called for help, the irreparable would have happened.

The shelter staff nicknamed the dog «Wade. However, it soon turned out that the dog already had a name and an owner. His real name was Taz, and his family had been looking for him for a week.

Taz’s family was happy when they found him. The dog was happy, too, when he was reunited with his owners. The family is very grateful to the three teenagers who saved Taz’s life.

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