They bought a dilapidated house and transformed it into a comfortable home

A Hungarian couple made the decision to transform a crumbling building into a thriving organic farm. The two bought an abandoned house and raised a variety of domestic animals and poultry. Together, they undertook a complete renovation of the building, enabling their farm to thrive and become a source of income and benefit for the community.

In 2015, Kremer Karina and Norbert Fogarasi chose to leave city life behind and move to the countryside to set up their own farm. The couple discovered a dilapidated house in the Siklos district, on the edge of the Danube-Drava National Park.

After inspecting the house, Karina and Norbert decided to restore it. The charm of the peaceful village, located 14 kilometers from the administrative center, the town of Siklosa, appealed to them. At the time, only nine inhabitants lived in the vicinity.

Norby, who turned out to be a skilled craftsman, used the skills he had acquired repairing log houses to complete the restoration of the house. Next to the house was an overgrown garden, just waiting to be revitalized.

The adjoining land covered 1.2 hectares. The new owners have cleaned up the land and begun renovation work. The couple also have expansion plans for Zelentor NaturFarm, with the aim of attracting more people to the village.

Karina is convinced that, in the future, their farm will be able to supply the whole county with 100% organic produce. The couple have not only launched their own business project, but are also determined to help others realize their dreams. They are happy to share their experience and provide support to aspiring farmers.

With the exception of the electrical work, Karina and Norby personally took charge of all aspects of the renovation. They cleaned the walls and covered them with natural, environmentally-friendly materials such as adobe, clay, lime and wood. The couple also installed the house’s plumbing. Given the lack of communication infrastructure on the site, the owners created their own water supply system by digging a well. As a result, the house is supplied with clean groundwater for washing, toilet flushing, cleaning, watering and other purposes. Filters are installed to ensure the water is safe to drink.

As well as growing organic vegetables and fruit, the couple also raise goats. They sell goat’s milk, cheese and meat. At present, the farm is home to 34 animals. In addition, Karina and Norbert raise various species of poultry, including chickens, ducks, quail and turkeys. A few horses also complete the farm’s rural life.

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