They moved to the island without a veterinarian and took dogs with health problems.

If dogs are the best friends of people, we should also be the best friends of dogs – and in the name of this reciprocity, the Mantas and Rasa couple worked.

Having moved from Lithuania to the island of Ko Kud, which many people consider the most beautiful island of Thailand, six years ago Mantas and Rasa loved not only this place but also dogs on the island.

Since then, the couple has adopted 15 animals in a place where there are no veterinary services.

And the couple’s efforts are not limited to the animals they have sheltered: they not only care for and feed 15 animals in their house, the couple travel 40 km a day to feed, take care of other stray dogs that live there.

The couple had a dog when they lived in Lithuania. But soon it died. To ease the pain of loss, the couple took a dog from the shelter. “It was a very difficult time for us. We were devastated, ” they said.

Since then, they have already taken 15 dogs from the shelter: two of them are blind, and four are disabled.

“Everyone has their own story – one of them was saved from death at an early age, another dog was blind, and some of them were paralyzed,” they say. Mantas and Rasa remember that they are not veterinarians, but over time they have learned to take care and provide first aid to the neediest animals.


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