They outsmarted the thieves: The new Volkswagen T5 Sportline was made «rusty» with vinyl

Clyde Wraps is a company that makes vinyl stickers for car tuning and personalization, and also does custom car graphic design.

One day a client came to Clyde Wraps’ graphic design department who had the local craftsmen excited. He asked the designer to create disposable with rust stickers that would give his new Volkswagen T5 Transporter Sportline a «rusty» look. The studio was happy to do this, and thus one of the most unusual and really attractive car tuning was born.

For starters, local experts took precise measurements of the entire van so that the digital vinyl and matte laminate would fit perfectly on the auto, giving the appearance of rust (as it really is) spreading from the door frames, handles, badges and mirrors. They also added extra fake «rusted metal panels» that look like they were riveted to the minivan.

The result is an art car that looks like it came straight out of some post-apocalyptic world, where it has been rusting in the sun and rain for more than a year. Needless to say, this VW T5 stands out on the road.

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