They tried to drown the old dog, but he was lucky

Jane Harper, a British woman, found a dog floundering in the river during a walk. She got closer and saw that a stone was tied to the poor animal’s neck.

A huge boulder was dragging the dog to the bottom, but Jane was there in time to pull the drowning dog out of the water.

The drowned animal turned out to be a ten-year-old Belgian shepherd dog. After all her suffering, the dog looked exhausted, could not stand on her feet and had hardly eaten anything. Harper went to the local animal welfare society, where Bella was accepted and began to care for her.

Bella’s irresponsible and cruel owner turned out to be Charlene Latham. She admitted tormenting her pet and paid a fine of only £80. The 32-year-old told the court that she had been forced to drown Bella by her former roommate, but there was no proof.

Now Bella is still in an animal welfare society. The sheepdog gained strength and began to take food. At first, it was not easy: the dog refused almost any food, but at the same time continued to fight for life. In the summer, the condition began to improve: Bella began to eat more and gain weight.

The sheepdog has had a successful recovery and is doing very well. She turned out to be active, affectionate, demanding of attention and very capricious. Bella is very happy to be with people, sometimes arranging funny games and pranks. New caring and loving owners are looking for her.

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