This beautiful swan hugged a man in gratitude for the rescue

Swans are not particularly friendly animals. They prefer to stick to the boundaries of the habitat, are devoted to their partner and do not feel the slightest interest in people. Therefore, when our hero, the rescued swan, hugged his savior as a sign of gratitude, it caused surprise to the whole world!

Richard Wiese, a British TV presenter, came across this swan while walking through the Abbotsberry Nature Reserve. The poor bird got stuck in the hedge, and she couldn’t get out on her own. When Richard freed the poor swan, she wrapped her long flexible neck around his neck as a sign of gratitude and clung to him trustfully.

«It’s an amazing feeling — when a wild animal, in fact, suddenly trusted you so much!» said Richard, touched. These photos will surely cause you delight and a pleasant warmth in your soul.

«I could feel his heart beating.»

Wiese helped examine swan’s wounds.

«It’s a really amazing feeling when an animal trusts you and you know it.»

«When it understands that you won’t do it any harm.»

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