This child will undoubtedly turn into a great star! An opera star? A rapper?

It’s a shared video that I received from my friend.. I really have no idea about this duo but I hope someday we get to know them.. blessings and love passed to this duo . All I know is this video produces happy chemicals and power to make one happy and forget everything… this video soothes , heals and improves our mental health.

As we grow, we realise that talking is just a means to connect and when we truly connect we don’t use words, our talking becomes simple and easy; we talk with everything else than words — we talk with our eyes, with our heart and with our soul.

Once we understand the real art of communication, everything around us just becomes music and our talking becomes a melody.

Such a cute example, facial expressions reveals more than the words of this child. A smiling face is always brighter than a morose one.

This is how genius begins. To the father who put this masterpiece together, I salute.

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