This dog likes to pick up mail. What the postman does when there are no letters has fascinated everyone!

Martin Studer works as a postman in Brisbane, Australia. Every morning he looks forward to meeting one of the residents of the district. Her name is Pippa, she is a golden retriever. The four-legged beauty is also waiting for Martin and happily rushes to the gate when she sees him. She just loves to bring her owners mail.

But sometimes Martin doesn’t have anything for Pippa, and every time it breaks the dog’s heart. After all, she has nothing to please her beloved owners with!

“I decided I had to come up with something,” says the Australian.

Now, if there is no mail, he writes such a “Letter for Pippa” and hands it to the dog so that she can proudly take it to the house.

Unsurprisingly, Martin has become a favorite postman not only for Pippa, but for the whole neighborhood. Who else will put so much effort into making their customers happy?

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