This dog was desperately looking for loving owners

Meet Lek Lek, a compassionate dog from Sri Lanka. She loves her owner, Tushara, who makes her feel loved. Although her life is beautiful now, it hasn’t always been that way. Lek Lek has spent most of her life on the streets of Nuwela Eliya.

She didn’t know where to find food from. No matter what, this dog had a positive personality and was determined to find a family forever. Her efforts finally paid off. Several years ago, several elephant rescuers were walking through the park when they saw a stray dog. The rescuers worked at an elephant nature park in Thailand, so they visited Sri Lanka to research elephants.

The Elephant Nature Park is a center that rescues mistreated elephants and rehabilitates them. This time, however, it wasn’t the elephant that needed rescuing. The group was walking down the street when they saw a stray dog constantly wagging its tail to get someone’s attention. The puppy wagged its tail so vigorously that the rescuers decided to stop and pet it. Then the group had to leave. However, the puppy didn’t want to lag behind, so she followed them. Then the group realized she was right behind them, they picked her up and took her to where they found her.

They went again, and the puppy followed them again. Instead of leaving her again, the group decided to help her. They started asking people on the street if they wanted to adopt the puppy, but everyone refused. Luckily, the group’s driver, Tushara, decided to take care of the dog. The group named the dog Lek Lek, and she was finally happy to have a forever home.

After several years of living with Tushara, a woman from the elephant rescue team decided to visit Lek Lek. Even though Lek Lek had not seen her rescuer for three years, she still remembered the woman who had saved her!

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