This friendly dog, who neither sees nor hears, spends his days comforting other foster animals.

Some dogs need to be carefully trained to become successful therapy dogs, while others are born that way.

This is the case with Cherio, who likes to spend all his time helping his owner with the foster animals in her care.

It turns out that Cherio was familiar with the animal shelter. The deaf and visually impaired puppy had been living here for more than two years when Smith found out about him. For any puppy, this is a long time.

Cute and adorable baby Cheerio has already been in 12 foster homes and, even worse, was adopted by four different families. In the end, everyone rejected him.

After learning everything he had to go through, Smith realized that she was taking this dog to her home.

For some reason, Cherio was in great anxiety and uncertainty.

«He’s still crying in the car because he thinks he might be dropped off somewhere else,» Smith says in an interview with The Dodo.

Cherio’s luck turned when he met his mother.

As it turned out, Smith likes to spend time caring for foster animals that no one else wants. Fortunately, Cherio will be a real helper in this matter.

The difficult life Cherio led before adoption made him a sensitive puppy.

When he sees other animals suffering from pain or suffering, he seems to know exactly how to comfort them. Since the day he set foot in his new home a little over a year ago, Chario has taken his duties as a Comforter very seriously.

All the animals that mom brings home have serious problems in one form or another, because of which people cannot adopt them. Cherio knows all too well that they all need a little love.


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