This little girl was born with a lock of white hair. She surprised everyone except her mom

This little beauty is called Millie Anne Worthy. When she came into the world, she astonished the doctors. The fact is, she was born with thick, dark hair, but with bright white bangs. But what’s even more interesting is that this particularity is present in her mother and even in her grandmother.

Even when Brianna was pregnant, she dreamed of her daughter inheriting this interesting feature. It’s important to note that this is a genetic anomaly called polyosis, which affects the production of pigments in a person’s hair and skin.

It turns out that the mom’s own sister doesn’t have this particularity, so Brianna didn’t know until the end what her little girl was going to be like.

Sometimes, of course, people ask not-entirely-correct questions about the girl’s appearance.

But Brianna believes that in the future, Millie Anne will accept and love herself as she is, without complexes.

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