This Tiger came to people for help, hoping to get rid of the noose around its neck

Sometimes wild animals, despite their strength and greatness, also turn to people for help.

One cold winter evening, a paramedic in one village heard strange noises behind the house, but did not attach any importance to it. But the sounds did not stop and then the man decided to go out and check.

Видео: Тигр пришел к людям за помощью в надежде избавиться от петли на шее

The door to the street did not open and the paramedic thought that perhaps the reason was the snow. The man went out through the window and decided to clear the passage, but what he saw on his porch was very surprised.

Тигр зимой - 60 фото

Right next to the door was a large tiger beast. Initially, the paramedic was scared, but then he noticed that the animal was lying and seemed to be stretching its neck to him. Coming closer, the man noticed a large wound on the tiger’s neck, the cause of which was a metal loop. It seems that all this is the work of Chinese poachers who often catch border tigers.

Тигр не мог избавиться от петли на шее и пришел за помощью к людям

The man, without hesitation, helped the tiger to get rid of this stranglehold and washed the wound. The animal was under the supervision of a paramedic for several days, and then disappeared. A week later, a man found a large deer carcass on the doorstep of the house. So the grateful tiger thanked his savior.

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