This woman, who is 72 years old, maintains a healthy physique and works as a fitness trainer.

There is a common belief that individuals over the age of 70 no longer prioritise their appearance, including their clothing, physical health, skin, and hair. However, Norma Williams defies this stereotype with her beautiful and slim figure, which many young girls would envy. In addition, she works as a fitness trainer, teaching others how to care for their bodies, improve their fitness, and maintain a healthy appearance.

Norma did not always prioritize her physical appearance, and did not lead a healthy lifestyle in her youth. However, at the age of almost 30, she began to educate herself on nutrition and exercise. To reduce stress on her body, Norma gradually eliminated harmful products from her diet.

Thanks to her years of training and a balanced diet, she has achieved excellent results and now boasts a slim, trim figure. Williams decided to help others improve, so she became a fitness trainer. Norma’s other hobby is putting together colourful and youthful looks.

She’s not afraid to show off her figure, and any outfit suits her perfectly. But it’s all the result of hard work. Ms Williams certainly deserves respect: at her age, she looks magnificent and proves that age is no barrier to beauty and activity.

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