This yellow bird was found on the highway and brought to the hospital. Beneath the bright coloration was a sly gull

In Great Britain there is a hospital for wild animals called Tiggywinkles. It accepts patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Recently the hospital received another call from concerned citizens. They said they found a bright yellow colored bird on the side of the road. The feathered could not take off, and it would not live like that for long. The veterinarians agreed to help, but they still didn’t know what kind of bird they were going to encounter.

A bird with an unusual bright yellow coloration was brought to an English hospital for wild animals

The victim was taken to the professionals, and they immediately realized what kind of strange bird was hiding behind the bright paint. It was an ordinary seagull, which was covered in spices from head to toe. There was so much that the feathers stuck together and ceased to function. The hospital staff said that the color and smell of the dye resembled curry or turmeric.

The little beauty was immediately sent for a bath to restore her normal appearance.

How and under what circumstances the seagull changed its image is unknown. Maybe it wanted to bring something new into its life and started with the color of its feathers. The spicy dye didn’t do her any good and made her life much more difficult.

After the water treatment, the seagull went to dry off and regain her strength.

The victim has fully recovered and will soon be released into the wild.

The staff at Tiggywinkles Hospital are grateful to the concerned people who brought the injured bird to them. They hope that the cari lover will not repeat her mistakes and will stay away from spices.

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