Three kittens were transformed with the help of two foster cats.

Two months ago, three little kittens were brought to Indy Humane, an animal rescue center in Indianapolis, Indiana. Although they were untidy and rude, they required a lot of attention to themselves.

Most likely, these kittens have been alone for some time. «When I bought them, they were very thin and dirty,» said Jennifer, a rescue service volunteer.

Jennifer brought them home and started feeding them in small portions every 5-6 hours.

«Splash was the smallest in the trio. Besides, she was the most self-confident. Spritz looked like a little gremlin. He was the most playful . Squirt (orange boy) was obsessed with me. He wanted to stand on my lap all the time and purr. »

After the kittens were fed, they were bathed. Then they were ready to meet with local cats, Bear and Bodie. Squirt quickly turned into a happy kitten filled with love.

«He loved being hugged and kissed. » Jennifer explained.

They have a weakness for orphaned kittens and seem to know exactly what they need.

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