Three tiny dogs were thrown on the road near the forest. They survived as best they could

Not all people take care of four-legged family members properly. And some people treat them very unscrupulously. The owners took these cute dogs away from the city and threw them out on the street when they just got tired of them.

Poor defenseless creatures found themselves in a deserted place where the unbearable California heat was. They looked longingly after their hosts. And the owners only smiled cruelly, justifying their act by saying that dogs descended from wolves and should be able to hunt and get food on their own.

The crumbs were lucky that an old tire thrown by someone turned out to be nearby, which served them as protection from the sun. It is not known how long the dogs would have lasted, but fate gave them a chance to survive.

A random car slowed down at this point, and the driver noticed the animals. The first thing he saw was a crumb that climbed onto a high pile of garbage. The dog’s appearance was depressing. The man decided to contact a local animal protection organization and ask for help.

Volunteers Faith and Cassandra did not hesitate to go for the foundling to the specified address and found there a white dog from a picture taken by a man. To their surprise, they found two more fluffy dogs there. Poor dogs were hiding from the hot sun by climbing into the tire of a car.

According to animal rights activists, they often have to rescue abandoned dogs from different places. The cruelty of people sometimes knows no bounds.

The unfortunate animals were emaciated, hungry and dehydrated. Therefore, the girls did not take them out of the tire, but transferred them to the car right in it. Judging by the neglected appearance of the pets, the owners never really cared about them.

All the dogs turned out to be a cross between different breeds, including a poodle, a shih tzu and a terrier. However, for the shelter staff, the presence of the breed did not matter at all.

The new residents of the shelter received unusual names — Pirelli, Cumho and Michelin. Veterinarians had to tinker with the animals to put them in order: furry patients had their fur and teeth cleaned.

Once in good hands, the dogs were transformed. It turned out that two of them had recently had puppies. This was evidenced by lactation continuing up to this point. It is not known how the babies were separated from their mothers and what happened to them afterwards.

Animal rights activists do not exclude that the animals became victims of unscrupulous breeders who forced them to give birth to puppies for sale. And then they got rid of the females and the troubles associated with them.

Fortunately, now Pirelli, Cunho and Michelin will not have to go through this hell: veterinarians have sterilized them, and volunteers are looking for good caring ones for them

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