To save the beloved pet of the family, Dad rushed into the burning house

Last week, a simple American worker rushed into a burning house just to save the family’s beloved dog. Despite the danger, this story ended well for both the owner and the dog.

Here is Jose Gosman — the owner runs into the burning house. No matter how many firefighters tried to stop him, it was useless.

The Gosman family moved to live here quite recently. The family has three daughters and their caring babysitter, a dog named Gabbana. During the fire, all family members managed to quickly escape from the burning house. However, the dog was nowhere to be seen. She couldn’t leave the house.

The owner could not leave the dog there in any way.The house was getting hotter by the second. Firefighters have already started work. Here ‘s how Jose describes everything:

«I knew my dog was here. I couldn’t see anything around- everything was on fire»

«And the only thing I wanted was to find my beloved pet. He was a member of the family. All our savings were destroyed anyway. If we had also lost her, we wouldn’t have survived it. We love this animal very much.»

A few minutes later, Jose and Gabbana appeared through the smoke. The dog miraculously escaped. She hid behind the toilet. After a few weary minutes, Jose ran back out, pushing Gabbana. The man himself received several non-dangerous burns. Experts call him a «lucky idiot» and urge not to repeat this. But for Jose Guzman and his family, it doesn’t matter anymore.

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