Touching scene: cat struggles to protect kittens from flooding

Japan’s Kyushu has recently been hit, literally, by the rainy season, which has led to numerous problems. Strong streams of water washed away entire buildings, small objects on the street and even animals. One of the passers-by witnessed a touching scene when he saw a cat trying to protect its kittens.

Although the ground in the frame is dry, don’t be fooled. Recently, everything was flooded here.

Local residents said that the cat had a whole brood of kittens. But when the flood started, they were washed away by the flood. By some miracle, the mother cat managed to save only two kittens. And now she literally does not let them out of her clutches, afraid of losing them again. She does not even dare to move them into a box with rags, which compassionate people have placed nearby. That one will easily be washed away by another flood, but it is more reliable in its paws.

Currently, the cat and kittens have already been taken from the street.

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