Two lions go wild after getting reunited with the woman who helped to raise them

This is the endearing minute a pair of lions went wild upon encountering the woman who raised them. The two big cats were left neglected by their mom when they were babies and were given over to a lion rescue center in Slovakia.

After being abandoned, the lions were forced to grow up with human beings as their parents.

Lions go wild when reunited with the woman who raised them

Thankfully for the two little furry balls meeting a human being actually saved their lives. Thanks to Michaela’s love for animals, the two cubs have found the home and the comfort they need it so much. The kind-hearted woman named them Malkia and Adelle, and she used to call them her “darlings.”

Lions go wild when they see their 'godmother' in Slovakia | Daily Mail Online

When the two lionesses grow up into the big cats they are today, it was necessary to be relocated. So Malkia Park in Slovakia became their home. However, their adoptive mom got the chance to visit frequently the majestic creatures she raised. But even though the moment they reunite is something you won’t see everyday.

Lions' amazing reaction after seeing woman who hand-reared them for first time in seven years - Irish Mirror Online

Every moment when Michaela is reunited with her “darlings,” is heart-melting. You can see how the lioness ran over and embrace the woman who hand-reared them. They are opening their big paws and give their mom a big big hug, like haven’t seen her for years. Watch the heartwarming reunion here:

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