Two twin kittens are inseparable from each other!

Two kittens were found in the garden together. Not only did they look the same, but they were very close to each other. The fact that twin kittens named Stella and Ellie have a special bond was very noticeable.

A girl doing her business in the garden, accidentally stumbled upon two tiny black kittens in need of rescue. The couple wandered into the garden near the house of a young girl and wandered around in search of food.The kittens were only a few weeks old. They looked almost the same and were with each other all the time.
The kittens were lucky. They said goodbye to life on the streets that day and became domestic.

The kind girl who sheltered the kittens named the twins Stella and Ellie. They were very shy when they got to her house. Cute kittens behaved very calmly at first and most of the time dozed, snuggled up to each other.
After they had gathered enough courage, they decided to explore the surroundings of their new abode. They were never out of sight of each other, continuing their many adventures indoors.

The kittens adapted to their new home and began to invent their own children’s cat games. They ran and hid together, climbed into the girl’s backpack.When they play, they are like a hurricane, and when they get tired, they hug each other and sleep together.

The sisters are completely inseparable. If they can’t see each other, they will immediately try to find each other.

«If one of them is petted, they both turn on their purring motors at the same time.»

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