Two wonderful Rottweilers saved their owner from a tiger

Pet owners have responsibilities and responsibilities towards their pets. Even before purchasing a pet, it is necessary to know the rules that should be followed for its well-being and health. Dogs are brave animals that always strive to protect the lives of their owners. They can seemingly save the owner’s life without even thinking about their own life. Listen, this is a story about such a brave Rottweiler dog. Dogs are a blessing to our lives.

Megan Bongi, 48, went to Kruger National Park with her two dogs. She had two Rottweiler dogs. She bought both dogs as puppies a few years ago. Then she hired a dog specialist and trained them all. This also included training in discipline and dedication. One day, when she first came to the park with her two dogs, a big tiger suddenly approached them. The tiger jumped up and grabbed the woman. But her two dogs soon became active and tried to chase the tiger. Both dogs were desperately trying to save their owner.

The dogs started fighting with the tiger. As a result, the woman’s life was saved by two dogs. Despite everything, these dogs survived despite a fierce battle with a big tiger. But this is not surprising, because both dogs are very well trained. But there is one problem. Namely, one of these two dogs walked only on three paws for the rest of his life. This was due to the strength of the tiger’s sharp teeth.

A lot of gifts came to Megan’s house. She also received a cash prize from a local politician. Despite all this, she said she would never want to go to the park again. The other dog, although all four paws are intact, can barely walk. Dogs are very strong. And they’re like rescuers.

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