Under the downpour, wet tiger cubs walked along the highway and begged drivers to help them

At the highway located near the taiga, something incredible happened. Three young men were driving along the same road and noticed that puppies were running and fussing along the edge of it.

But only when they got closer, they saw that they were not puppies at all, as they first thought, but tiny tiger cubs. They slowed down and decided to catch them. And as bait, they used meat that had been prepared for kebabs.

The kids, of course, were not averse to eating and instantly ate everything. And after that, having eaten enough, they became affectionate and pliable like domestic cats and they were easily caught and transferred to the trunk.

But later, when they showed their find to the fourth friend, to whom they were going to visit, he was not thrilled. He advised his friends to take the cubs to the place immediately, as a tigress mother could come for them.

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Therefore, friends again transplanted them into a car and took them back to where they found them. The cubs headed to the den, which was littered with sand and a pile of stones. And the young people followed them. Suddenly they heard a squeak that came straight from the den.

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They guessed that one of the cubs was stuck there when the collapse happened, and the rest went in search of their mother. Young people began to quickly shovel a pile of stones and sand. And out came the cub, who, fortunately, was unharmed. And a little later, one of the guys noticed that a tigress mother was already visible on the hill, who, surprisingly, calmly followed their actions.

But her appearance still scared the guys and they decided to leave.And the tigress didn’t even think to attack. She just walked up to her cubs and sniffed them, called them to the den.

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