Victimized puppy was left on interstate

A Good Samaritan found a bundle on the side of the road, writes ilovemydogsomuch

This bundle was a rolled up blanket that actually contained a puppy– and that puppy was close to death. Later named Harris, the weak puppy was just skin and bones. He was rushed to the medical center at the Stray Rescue of Saint Louis (SR).

Sadly, it was obvious that Harris wasn’t just abandoned. He was severely neglected and abused. What possesses a human to harm such a beautiful creature is beyond us. Thankfully there are way more good humans in this world than there are bad.

His wounds were treated by medical staff and he was given intravenous fluids and pain meds. The volunteers sat beside him and waited for the dog to respond. It was now a waiting game.

The staff at SR made Harris a sign to remind him that he is loved, that his life matters, and above all, that he is brave!

Time passed, but Harris didn’t react to anything.A shelter volunteer decided to sleep next to him for support.

At first, Harris had to have a feeding tube put in– but just a few days later, he was able to lift his head up and eat on his own! Check him out! What a little fighter!

Then, what seems like a blink of an eye, little Harris is sitting up and getting a bath! Look at how darn cute this guy is.

Harris takes his first steps. What a miracle! He has support but soon after, as you’ll see in the video below, he walks all by himself!

Each day, Harris surprises the rescue volunteers with new accomplishments. They really weren’t sure if he would make it. Of course, they hoped, of course, they never gave up— but each time Harris accomplished something, his human friends were amazed. They continued to call him a miracle. And for sure, he is!

Harris is still healing but no one doubts that he will make a full recovery and find the perfect forever home.

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